Pablo Python Looks at Animals

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Pablo Python Looks At Animals is an early childhood life science program for children of all abilities. Created by educators at the renowned Bronx Zoo, Pablo Python is more than just science. It uses children's natural love of animals to encourage curiosity and expand observation skills. If you're trying to motivate your students to read and to excite them about math, nothing will be as successful as allowing Pablo Python to focus their attention on the animal world. Although designed at the Bronx Zoo, Pablo Python does not require access to the Bronx Zoo, or to any other zoo. It is currently being used by teachers all over the United States.

Pablo Python motivates children to higher achievement in reading, writing, math, arts, science and observation skills. In short, Pablo Python makes learning fun in the early grades, thereby motivating students to enjoy the learning process later on in school and throughout their lives. It can be used as a stand-alone curriculum, or as a flexible instructional supplement that reinforces many areas of your own early childhood curriculum.

Pablo Python Looks At Animals promotes observation skills by focusing on several core concepts: animal colors; animal sizes and shapes; animal textures and patterns; animal sounds; how animals move and what they eat; what makes an animal alive. Using Pablo Python, teachers have the flexibility to cover all the major topics in depth, or the entire spectrum on the level that meets their students' needs. Through activities in cooperative learning groups, children learn that science is an experience to be shared.

Pablo Python Looks At Animals also takes into account the wide range of cognitive levels of children in the early grades. The Teacher's Manual presents basic and advanced lesson plans so that teachers can choose what best fits their students' abilities. Pablo Python has been used in schools in rural and urban settings, throughout the United States, and as far away as China. Again and again, teachers in all of these settings have found that Pablo Python reaches and motivates their students like few other educational programs.

Contents of Program

  • a series of six student books,
  • 48 activity guides,
  • a cassette tape of animal sounds,
  • six full-color posters on which activities are based,
  • a video cassette,
  • a 268-page Teacher's Manual,
  • and a Parent Handbook (Spanish and English versions).

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