Lion Cub

One Year Old

On August 16, 2014, our four lion cubs turned one year old. We spoke with their keeper, Ralph Aversa, to find out what their first year was like.

Keeper Feeding Giraffe 1910

High Achievers

In honor of National Zookeeper Week, we’re taking a look back at some of our early keepers. Many things have changed about the job since these dedicated folks were here, starting with the uniform. Others haven’t, including the qualities of a good keeper. As W. Reid Blair – the Bronx Zoo’s first full-time veterinarian and later director – wrote in 1901, successful keepers, “as a rule, are sympathetic and intelligent.”

Gorilla Mothers and Babies

Pretty Young Things

This spring lots of new faces have been popping up at our zoos. From some of the world’s largest reptiles to the smallest deer, there are new species delighting visitors across New York.

African Lions

Cub Quartet

Meet Thulani, Ime, Bahati and Amara. Although they've been on exhibit for a year with mother Sukari and father Mwasi, faces like these deserve a formal introduction.