New York’s Own Panda Cubs

November 7, 2013

Four red pandas are making their debut before the cold weather hits - two at the Bronx Zoo and the other pair at Prospect Park Zoo.

A quartet of picturesque red panda-cubs is making their debut at the Bronx Zoo and Prospect Park Zoo this fall. The duos are two sets of siblings, each a brother and sister, all born this summer. Their births continue WCS’s successful history of breeding red pandas as part of the Species Survival Plan, a program administered by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

A fan favorite, red panda cubs are born with a soft coat and big, fluffy tail used to keep warm in the colder temperatures. Adult red pandas rely on their reddish-brown and black coats for camouflage in the wild. Their unique wrists, which have an adaptation much like a thumb, help them grasp for bamboo and tree branches.

Red pandas are native to Nepal, India, Bhutan, China, and Myanmar. In the Bronx, the red pandas can be seen at the Himalayan Highlands and represent a subspecies from the western part of their Himalayan range. Their Brooklyn counterparts, which live on Discovery Trail, are members of a subspecies from the eastern part of that range and are characteristically darker and larger.

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