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The Bronx Zoo, the Wildlife Conservation Society’s flagship park, opened on November 8, 1899. Since then, the zoo has created a unique window into the natural world for city dwellers in the heart of the Bronx - and serves as a springboard and hub for conservation efforts across the entire planet.

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10,000 Animals

The zoo is home to over 10,000 animals, more than 700 species

265 Acres

The park is comprised of over 260 acres of hardwood forest in the Bronx, New York

1916 Hospital Opening

We established the first modern zoo animal hospital, with a full-time veterinarian staff

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The animals and exhibits at the Bronx Zoo span the globe and include tiny toads from Tanzania and big cats from the Russian Far East. With more than 700 species, the zoo is the perfect place to inspire animal lovers of all ages. Part of our mission is to connect visitors to wildlife and inspire them to join our conservation work. Scientists at the Bronx Zoo, and the Wildlife Conservation Society's four other zoos and aquarium, are working to protect the future of all species and the places they call home. Much of this work has recently been featured on the Animal Planet docuseries, THE ZOO, which has provided behind-the-scenes looks into our work like never before.

Through the Wildlife Conservation Society’s five parks, we are able to connect over 4 million visitors a year to impactful messaging on science, nature, and conservation. Across these facilities, we care for more than 17,000 mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates. With a leading role in the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), WCS sets the standard for animal care, zoological medicine, wildlife conservation, and innovative, naturalistic exhibits.

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