Wildlife School Online FAQs

How do I book an Wildlife School Online program?

Please complete the Booking Request Form, and our office will contact you to finalize your registration.

When are the Wildlife School Online programs available?

All Wildlife School Online programs are available Monday through Friday, at 10am and 1pm.

What web platform do you use for this program?

Our conservation educators will adapt the program to your preferred platform. Currently, we are proficient in Zoom, Google Hangout or Meet, and Microsoft Teams.

How many students can participate?

For Pre-K & Kindergarten classes, the maximum group size per program is 25 children.

For 1st Grade & up, the maximum group size per program is 35 children.

What happens if we are disconnected during our program?

If your instructor loses connection with your class during the program, or other technical issues arise, they will attempt to resolve the issues for 3 minutes. If the issues cannot be resolved and more than 30 minutes of your program time slot remains, our Registrar team will contact you to reschedule your program for a later date and time.

How should I prepare my students for Wildlife School Online?

Upon booking your program, you will be contacted by the instructor who will provide you with a list of recommended student materials as well as other important program information. These materials would be common household items or writing utensils and paper. We also recommend getting your students comfortable with the digital platform (using the chat feature, muting and unmuting themselves, etc.) you plan to use prior to your program date.

Will this program be live from the zoo/aquarium? Can we do a tour of the exhibits?

Most of our Wildlife School Online Programs ware hosted live from the zoo/aquarium and may include live animal demonstrations, exhibit visits, and exclusive video footage of our animals. These special features are subject to change as they are dependent on exhibit and animal availability.

Can parents/siblings join in?

Our programs are designed to be age and grade-specific, however, all are welcome to join in and support the learning of your students.

Are there any discounts?

Yes! We offer discounts for Title 1 schools so please indicate that your school is a Title 1 school on the booking form to receive this discount.

What are your payment, rescheduling, and cancelation policies?

Payment is due at the time of booking. Requests to reschedule or cancel must be made in writing. Rescheduling cannot be done less than a week prior to the program and a rescheduling fee may apply. Cancelations made more than 2 weeks out will receive a 50% refund, there will be no refunds for cancelations made less than 2 weeks out.

What is included in the price of an education program?

All Wildlife School Online programs include a live, 45-minute guided experience led by one of our conservation educators. These experiences include footage from the parks featuring our animals as well as time for students to ask our educator questions.

What accommodations do you make for groups with special needs?

We are committed to creating an inclusive environment where all students are welcome. In order to best meet the needs of your students, we welcome you to contact us to discuss any special needs prior to your program date. We are more than happy to discuss all the options available.

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