Animal Care Internships

Our internships in animal care offer a unique opportunity to learn the ins and outs of caring for animals in a zoo/aquarium setting including dietary preparation, exhibit and life support maintenance, record keeping, and the fundamentals of observation, training, and enrichment.

Some of our positions are more broadly focused on a variety of species while others are more specialized.

New York Aquarium- Fish & Invertebrates
New York Aquarium- Behavioral Husbandry Aquatheater
New York Aquarium- Sea Cliffs (harbor seals, penguins, otters)
New York Aquarium- Sharks
Central Park Zoo- Animal Care
Central Park Zoo- Animal Behavior Research
Bronx Zoo- Aviculture (birds)
Bronx Zoo- Behavioral Husbandry
Prospect Park Zoo- Animal Care
Prospect Park Zoo- Animal Enrichment

Below are approximations for each season including estimations of when applications typically open:

  • Spring season: March-late May (applications typically open in January)
  • Summer season: late May-August (applications typically open in Feb/March)
  • Fall season: September-December (applications typically open in July)
  • Winter season: January- March (applications typically open in November)

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