Conducting Research

The Conducting Research module is specifically for mentors who are mentoring while also conducting scientific research. The activities in this module review best practices in scientific research including: keeping a field journal, reading and understanding a scientific journal article, creating an effective hypothesis, designing research methods, and understanding data and figures.

Documenting Research
Mentors will learn the importance of keeping a research notebook and what should be included. They will also learn how to support their mentees in effectively keeping and maintaining their own notebooks.

Reading and Searching for Scientific Articles
Mentors will be introduced to the various sections of a scientific journal article and learn how to approach and closely read sections, depending on objectives.

Defining your Hypothesis
Mentors will learn the key elements of an effective hypothesis and begin to generate their own hypotheses for their research.

Data and Figures I
Mentors will learn about various types of data and which figures are best for showing different types of data.

Designing your Study
Mentors will learn about the elements of experimental design and how to develop a well-designed research project.

How to Design Research Projects for Mentees
Mentors will discuss methods for designing research projects for their mentees.

Data and Figures II
Mentors will learn how to organize and manipulate data sheets to create figures.

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