Youth Development

At the heart of mentoring a young person is also helping to prepare them for adulthood. Likewise, if you are working with mentors who are themselves young adults, it’s important to provide them the tools they need to be successful in their mentorship role. The activities included in the Youth Development module prepare mentors to handle emergency scenarios, uphold workplace standards, create boundaries with their mentees, and feel confident discussing challenges their mentees might bring to them.

Emergency Scenarios and Mandatory Reporting
Mentors will learn about safety and emergency procedures when interacting with youth. They will also understand their legal responsibilities for reporting suspected abuse or maltreatment.

Respect in the Workplace
Mentors will review anti harassment policies and determine the appropriateness of various scenarios.

Mentoring Boundaries
Mentors will review the boundaries of their role as a mentor.

Challenges of Working with High School Students
Mentors will reflect on the kinds of challenges they may need to help their mentees navigate and brainstorm solutions for how to handle these scenarios.

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