How To Have A Perfect Rainy Day At The Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo is a great place to spend a rainy day – the weather’s no reason to miss out on amazing animals and wildlife fun for the whole family. Who doesn’t enjoy a little puddle jumping? And remember, rain showers bring rainbows. Here’s a suggested game plan for your next rainy day zoo trip, to help you stay dry and spot many of your favorite animals.

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First Stop: JungleWorld

The rainy day tour starts at JungleWorld, an indoor Asian jungle where otters, gibbons, tapirs, and nearly 800 other critters live in mangroves and beaches, sharing their homes just as they would in the wild.

Insider tip: Be on the lookout for Chi-Chi, a female white cheeked gibbon who loves watching visitors. You can sometimes spot her hanging out in the viewing area at the far northern end of her exhibit.

Next Stop: World of Reptiles

Lizards with tails like shields, turtles with snouts like pigs, pythons that grow to 22 feet – you’ll see them all in World of Reptiles.

Insider tip: Keep an eye out for the Kihansi spray toad exhibit. As shown on Animal Planet’s THE ZOO, the Bronx Zoo played a vital role in saving this Tanzanian species from extinction.

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Playtime: Bug Carousel

Climb aboard a long-legged praying mantis, a bright green grasshopper, or your favorite insect of choice for a very unique carousel ride.

Insider tip: We can pretty much guarantee that this is the only carousel on the planet where you can sit inside a giant ball of dung, should you so desire. The dung beetle certainly won’t judge you.

Lunch Break: Dancing Crane Café

Open year round and serving sandwiches, salads, soups, hot entrées, vegetarian options, and snacks and beverages. Covered outdoor dining areas available.

Insider tip: Extra rain ponchos are available for purchase next door at the Bronx Zoo Store.

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Next Stop: Madagascar!

Leaping lemurs, fabulous fossas, cave-dwelling crocodiles, and more one-of-a-kind wildlife from the world’s fourth largest island.

Insider tip: The Spiny Forest is a multi-species exhibit where mammals, reptiles, and birds share the same habitat just as they would in the wild. See how many species you can spot in this exhibit.

Big Finish: World of Birds

Sing along with grey-winged trumpeters, nod your head to guira cuckoos, and admire the smooth moves of the Cuban Amazon parrot.

Insider tip: Don’t miss the open galleries on the second floor, where the birds can fly right overhead and perch just a few feet from you.

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Bonus Foul-Weather Fun

Looking for more indoor adventures at the Bronx Zoo? Check out Carter Giraffe Building, Mouse House, and the Aquatic Bird House.

Rainy days are some of the best zoo days of all. After all, rain is just another part of nature, and the Bronx Zoo is a great place to visit no matter what the weather. We hope you’ll spend your next rainy day here with some of your favorite animals.

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