This February, we’re celebrating love at the Bronx Zoo. The love you feel when you make a personal connection with an amazing animal. The love our keepers feel for the thousands of animals they care for every day. And the love shared between you, your family, your friends, and your significant other during a heartwarming visit to our park.

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Send a Virtual Valentine

Show your love for someone special in your life with an animal-themed digital card.

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Discover Animal Connections at the Bronx Zoo

During your next Bronx Zoo visit in February, be on the lookout for special educational signs that reveal amazing courtship, bonding, parenting, and community behavior in some of your favorite species, including tigers, California sea lions, snow leopards, American bison, red pandas, bald eagles, and many others.

American Bison

Trumpeter Swan

California Sea Lion

Bald Eagles

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Virtual Meet & Greet

The new Bronx Zoo Virtual Meet & Greet is a 30 minute live online program, featuring our amazing keepers and animal ambassadors. Choose a session and meet a fennec fox, porcupine, penguin, or aardvark - plus two additional surprise animals! You’ll be able to ask questions in real time and learn about caring for animals from the experts. Sign up now to make a connection with family and friends as well as an amazing animal.

Spaces are limited! Each ticket includes 1 login for the selected program. Hurry - this program runs ONLY from February 15th through 20th!

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Show Your Love at the Bronx Zoo

Whether you’re looking for a dating destination, a chance to bond with your family, or just a safe way to enjoy some outdoor fun and visit incredible animals, the Bronx Zoo is a place to celebrate love this winter.

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