Big Bears


Our brown bears are a fan favorite. It’s easy to understand why, when we watch them splash around in the shallow water. In the wild, some of these bears grew too comfortable around people or were orphaned, so we brought them to the zoo as rescues.

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  • Steep Hill
  • Wheelchair Accessible

*To travel between dhole exhibit and grizzly bears, avoiding stairs, head past Himalayan Highlands and the former World of Darkness.

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Helping Bears and Humans Coexist

As people continue to develop land and build homes in areas that are prime wildlife habitat, encounters between people and bears have become more frequent. WCS conservationists work to educate the public on how to reduce human/bear conflicts. By raising awareness of the importance of keeping human food away from bears, as well as guiding land use decisions that will minimize rural sprawl, WCS is helping to improve relations between bears and people.

Bears with Us

Our bears love to swim, wrestle with each other, stretch, and enjoy the enrichment our keepers provide for them, such as foraging for food treats.

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