Birds of Prey


Falcons, eagles, owls, vultures, condors - the Birds of Prey exhibit is a place to learn about the winged hunters and scavengers who play vital roles in our planet’s ecosystems.

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Protecting Birds in the Wild

The Wildlife Conservation Society protects wild habitat vital to many of the species you’ll encounter in Birds of Prey, including snowy owls and Andean condors.

Howdy, Owls

Ground-dwelling burrowing owls are found throughout the Americas and Caribbean, inhabiting grasslands and arid regions. Cowboys were known to call these birds “howdy owls” because they would sit in front of their burrows and nod “howdy” as the cattlemen rode by.

In the Exhibit

King Vulture

This bird of prey is a scavenger that typically uses sight to find its next feast. The vulture’s affinity for carrion aids in keeping wild places clean.

Golden Eagle

These large raptors can be found throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Golden eagles use their agility and speed combined with powerful feet and massive, sharp talons to snatch up prey.

Cinereous Vulture

This raptor, the largest in Eurasia with a nearly 10 feet wingspan and just under 30 pounds in weight, once flew easily from Western Europe to North Africa to Northeast China, but today its range has diminished.

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