Carter Giraffe Building


Open year-round, Carter Giraffe Building is a place to get a close-up view of these long-necked beauties as they eat—which they do a lot. Giraffes can spend up to 20 hours a day consuming food.

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Open year-round


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Not Just Giraffes

Carter Giraffe Building is home to other African species who share their habitat with giraffes in the wild, including aardvaarks and dwarf mongooses.

Majestic Giants

Giraffes are true marvels of the animal kingdom. They have hearts the size of basketballs. Special one-way valves and elastic blood vessels allow giraffes to bend over for a drink without having their enormous blood pressure negatively affect their brains. Giraffes are constantly on alert, and only sleep about 20 minutes per night.

In the Exhibit


In the wild, the giraffe’s dramatic markings serve as effective camouflage; they are often described as being nearly invisible in the brush of the African plains.

Dwarf Mongoose

Dwarf mongooses are Africa’s smallest carnivore species. They prefer territories that include termite mounds or rock crevices and thickets.


Aardvarks are completely nocturnal and found throughout much of sub-Saharan Africa. They are powerful diggers, and prefer heavily grazed grasslands where there are lots of termites.

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