Himalayan Highlands


Snow leopards are as mysterious as they are beautiful. In the wild, a sighting is quite rare, as the few thousand that remain tend to spend their time hidden high in the Asian hills.

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  • Rough Terrain
  • Steep Hill
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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Explore our digital timeline for a look at Himalayan Highlands’ history, as well as key Bronx Zoo achievements in saving animal species and connecting people to wildlife.

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Wildlife of the Hills and Meadows

This area of the park showcases wildlife native to the mountains and grasslands of Central Asia, including the iconic red panda and graceful white-naped cranes.

Ghost in the Clouds

Hiking in the hills of northern Pakistan in the 1970s, WCS Senior Conservationist George Schaller spotted a snow leopard some 150 feet away. "Wisps of clouds swirled around," he later wrote in Stones of Silence, "transforming her into a ghost creature, part myth and part reality."

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Snow Leopard

WCS has long been a global leader in snow leopard conservation. In recent years, WCS has supported snow leopard conservation in Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan.

Red Panda

The subspecies of red panda at the Bronx Zoo are western red pandas, native to the western part of the Himalayas. Adult red pandas have reddish-brown and black coats that serve as camouflage in the wild.

White-naped Crane

White-naped cranes are a migratory species native to East Asia. WCS has worked with conservation partners and governments across the crane’s range to help conserve this iconic species.

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