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Grooming each other atop a maze of branches in our Asian jungle, the ebony langurs defy expectations. Though most of this species is colored black, many of ours are orange, echoing a group on an island in Indonesia.

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Open year-round

Please note – last entry to this exhibit is 30 min prior to park closing.


Included with the Bronx Zoo Admission ticket type. Additional $7 per person with Limited Admission ticket.

Stroller parking is required when visiting this exhibit. Guests must self-park stroller before entering.


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  • Wheelchair Accessible

Read about Jungleworld's Debut

Explore our digital timeline for a look at Jungleworld’s history, as well as key Bronx Zoo achievements in saving animal species and connecting people to wildlife.

We hope you’ll celebrate the Bronx Zoo’s 125th birthday with us this spring and summer.

Live From JungleWorld

Grooming each other atop a maze of branches in our Asian jungle, the silver leaf langurs display their close social bonds. The JungleWorld cam is live daily from 10am to 4pm EST. When the cam is off, use the time lapse feature in the top right hand corner to play back the previous day’s footage.

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It's a Jungle in here

The jungles of Asia are home to amazing biodiversity - and JungleWorld reflects that truth by bringing you face to face with creatures ranging from ebony langurs to majestic leopards.

As people watch the gharials swim, bask, and interact with the other wildlife in the exhibit, we hope to raise awareness of the dire conservation needs of these animals in the wild."

Don Boyer
Herpetology Curator

For the Birds

Be sure to look up! JungleWorld is home to a host of tropical bird species, including storks, lorikeets, waldraps, and many others. Fruit bats also enjoy perching in the highest areas of the exhibit.

In the Exhibit

White-cheeked Gibbon

This critically endangered species is native to Vietnam, Lao PDR, and China. Adult females are a buff color with a black crown, while males are black with light-colored cheeks.

Indian Gharial

JungleWorld’s gharials serve as ambassadors for their species as part of an ongoing conservation partnership with the Madras Crocodile Bank Trust Center for Herpetology.


Tapirs enjoy water, and you can often find them wading in their pool. They have short, bristly hair similar to domestic pigs.

More Animals in Jungleworld





JungleWorld is our favorite place in the zoo. My family could watch the langur and gibbon families for hours. They’re fascinating, and they have personalities and relationships just like we do. They’re much better climbers, though.

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