Tiger Mountain


Tiger Mountain is full of things for our big cats—and visitors—to explore. Get nose-to-nose with our stars in stripes and discover how we protect tigers through our work here at the zoo and in the wild.

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Read about Tiger Mountain's Debut

Explore our digital timeline for a look at Tiger Mountain’s history, as well as key Bronx Zoo achievements in saving animal species and connecting people to wildlife.

We hope you’ll celebrate the Bronx Zoo’s 125th birthday with us this spring and summer.

Protecting Wild Tigers

As the global leader in tiger conservation, the Wildlife Conservation Society has a long history of protecting these big cats through the establishment of protected areas, increasing enforcement against poaching, and public education. WCS researchers continue their work across Asia safeguarding tigers throughout their range.

Tiger Talk?

Our tigers use different ways to communicate. They can rub cheeks and make noises called “chuffles.” They can growl. If the moment calls for it, they can wow us with a roar.

In the Exhibit

Amur Tiger

Amur tigers are also known as Siberian tigers. They are found in the Russian Far East and northeastern China. Male Amur tigers are the world’s largest cat and can grow to weigh 650 pounds.

Malayan Tiger

The critically endangered Malayan tiger inhabits the southern and central parts of the Malay Peninsula. The Malayan tiger is the national animal of Malaysia. WCS has a program in Malaysia that works to ensure the conservation of these tigers in the wild.

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