World of Reptiles


World of Reptiles is home to a wide array of reptiles and amphibians. Our scaly and slimy superstars include crocodiles, anacondas, hellbender salamanders, blue iguanas, giant river turtles, poison dart frogs, and more. We’re particularly fond of the tiny turtles and little lizards that inhabit the reptile nursery.

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Open year-round

Please note – last entry to this exhibit is 30 min prior to park closing.


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Stroller parking is required when visiting this exhibit. Guests must self-park stroller before entering.


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Read about World of Reptiles' Debut

Explore our digital timeline for a look at World of Reptiles’ history, as well as key Bronx Zoo achievements in saving animal species and connecting people to wildlife.

We hope you’ll celebrate the Bronx Zoo’s 125th birthday with us this summer.

The blue iguana is a success story. If not for the intervention of veterinarians from the Bronx Zoo and other conservation professionals, the species would surely have been lost forever. WCS is proud to be a partner in helping to save this species.”

Jim Breheny
Bronx Zoo Director

Living History

World of Reptiles has welcomed guests since the day the Bronx Zoo first opened in 1899. The building is home to the zoo’s population of Kihansi spray toads; the Bronx Zoo played a vital role in saving this species from extinction.


World of Reptiles is the perfect place to learn about the wide variety of adaptations that enable these animals to thrive - you’ll learn about body temperature regulation, climbing, swimming, egg-guarding, camouflage, and much more.

In the Exhibit

Cuban Crocodile

We were the among the first zoos to successfully breed Cuban crocodiles as part of the AZA Species Survival Program, and we’re committed to the conservation of the species.

Fly River Turtle

Fly River turtles are almost entirely aquatic and are the only freshwater turtles that have flippers – all the rest are sea turtles.

Eastern Hellbender

Snot otters, old lasagna sides — Eastern hellbenders go by many different names. And despite their name, hellbenders are actually harmless. But they are threatened, which is why WCS is working to release healthy adults into the wild.

More Animals in World of Reptiles





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