Tiger Cubs

April 3, 2016

Photo Credit: Julie Larsen Maher©WCS

There's a tiny twosome at the zoo! Two Malayan tiger cubs to be exact, and they're being hand raised by our staff. They've been gaining steadily gaining weight since this (adorable) photo, and they'll be on exhibit this summer at Tiger Mountain.

Usually cubs are raised by their mothers, but in some cases they need extra help. Since there are only about 250 of these tigers left in the wild, these cubs are especially important to the survival of this species.

For now, you can watch them on The Today Show to see more!

Photo Credit: Julie Larsen Maher©WCS

Curious how you hand raise a tiger cub?

Initially, the cubs require 24 hour care and need to be fed a milk formula every three hours. Food intake is carefully recorded, and the cubs are weighed daily to ensure they are gaining an appropriate amount of weight.

When they are about 40 days old, formula feeds are reduced and we slowly start giving them solid food. At about two months, we begin to increase the amount of solid food while slowly reducing the volume of milk. By three to four months, they will be weaned and can begin the process of being introduced to sights, sounds and smells of adult tigers.

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