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Coming to you live from the Bronx Zoo and New York Aquarium! Check out a few fan-favorite exhibits, including the Spiny Forest in Madagascar!, JungleWorld, the Sea Lion Pool, and Ocean Wonders: Sharks. The cams are live daily from 10am to 4pm EST.
Please note: Our Congo Gorilla Forest cameras are offline for the winter.

Bronx Zoo


Spiny Forest

The Spiny Forest exhibit is home to ring-tailed and collared brown lemurs, as well as radiated tortoises and a variety of bird species including red fodys. The animals co-exist here just as they would in the wild.

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Bronx Zoo


Silver Leaf Langurs

Grooming each other atop a maze of branches in our Asian jungle, the silver leaf langurs display their close social bonds. The Bronx Zoo is home to the largest breeding population of silver leaf langurs in North America.

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Bronx Zoo

Astor Court

Sea Lion Pool

Located right at the heart of the park, our sea lion pool harkens back in time to the zoo’s earliest days. There have been California sea lions at the Bronx Zoo since 1899, and these irrepressible aquatic mammals have always been a favorite around here.

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New York Aquarium

Ocean Wonders: Sharks!

Canyon's Edge

You don’t have to hold your breath to enjoy this underwater view, though it may take your breath away! Stare into the deep as sand tiger sharks, sandbar sharks, and rough tail stingrays emerge from the shadows.

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