Climate Change and Seafood

Climate change affects humans and wildlife alike, but in different ways. The Climate Crisis is dramatically impacting marine habitats on a global scale, from sea floor to seafood. Millions of humans depend on the oceans for food and livelihood, and many species, particularly birds, rely on healthy marine ecosystems for their survival and reproduction. Explore the work being done to understand the impacts of climate change, protect fisheries, and ensure humans and wildlife can coexist in an ever-changing world.

This story was made possible through a collaboration with
the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), Sustainable Fisheries Greenland, and Polar Seafood.

Connecting Conservation to the Classroom

Hear from US and UK educators about the interconnected ways in which climate change is impacting the ocean, its inhabitants, and the humans who rely on it, as well as the role of Zoos and Aquariums in educating people about global conservation issues like climate change.

Standards and Glossary • English | Greenlandic/Kalaallisut

Mystery of the Murdered Murres

Use evidence and data collected by scientists to solve this mystery of the sudden die-off of thousands of sea birds in Arctic Beringia.

Lesson Plan • English | Greenlandic/Kalaallisut

Future Impacts of Climate Change & Challenges to Conservation

Climate change is forcing conservationists to think ‘one step ahead’ when designing protections for wildlife. Work to develop a protected area for marine life that will take changing ocean conditions into consideration, while also factoring in the important needs and impacts of the human stakeholders who also use these ocean spaces.

Lesson Plan • English | Greenlandic/Kalaallisut

Investigating Impacts on Food Availability

Explore how the local community is connected to marine food webs by conducting an inventory of what seafood products can be purchased where you live, assess the sustainability level of these products, and reflect on how climate change might impact the cost and accessibility of these products to the community.

Lesson Plan • English | Greenlandic/Kalaallisut

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