WCS presents Field Sight pairs the insight of our educators with the expertise of WCS field staff to bring you the stories of the conservation work we are doing all over the world. Hear what it’s like to work on the ground protecting wildlife straight from the source, and bring this valuable information into your classroom with curated curriculum tools.

Bats Need Friends

Grades 9-12

Bats often get a bad reputation, but in reality, they play an incredibly important role in the health and diversity of our local ecosystems. Take flight with the WCS Bats team to learn about bat biology, dispel harmful misconceptions, and inspire your community to engage in community science to protect local bat species!

Fighting Wildlife Crime

Grades 6-8

Wildlife crime in Uganda is often the result of human-wildlife conflict. Check out how the WCS team in Uganda is working with impacted communities to come up with innovative solutions to these conflicts, and how these solutions can spread when scientists and educators communicate new ideas to others.

Exploring Offshore Wind Energy

Grades 9-12

Offshore wind is on track to be a major part of the clean energy revolution. How are community organizations, conservation non-profits, wind companies, and local, state, and federal government officials working to ensure a just transition to offshore wind for New Yorkers, from the sandy shelf of the Atlantic ocean to the A train?

Conservation Engineering

Grades 3-5

The engineering design process is vital in so many efforts within conservation, and allows students to be creative in solving real world problems. Learn from WCS experts about the ways we utilize engineering and how students can engage with the engineering design process to apply these concepts to new challenges.

Diverse Perspectives in STEM

Grades 9-12

More than 30% of the world’s land is already conserved thanks to the traditional knowledge and management practices of Indigenous peoples. Explore three stories of how WCS has built relationships with these communities and helped to protect natural areas, reduce industrial pressures, and right centuries of injustice.

Climate Change and Seafood

Grades 6-8

Climate change affects humans and wildlife alike, but in different ways. Explore the work being done to understand the impacts of climate change, protect fisheries, and ensure humans and wildlife can coexist in an ever-changing world.


Grades 6-8

Conservation needs a diversity of voices, informed science, and public awareness. Engage students in understanding the various perspectives in conservation and the creative ways that WCS works to protect wildlife, culminating in the creation of a social media conservation campaign!

Global Health

Grades 3-5

Engage students with a global awareness, an understanding of how diseases spread in wild populations and from wildlife to humans, as well as some of the actions we can take at home to make a difference in global health.

The Importance of Zoo Labs

Grades 9-12

Successful wildlife conservation efforts require the collaboration of many stakeholders - field staff, local community members, and, in many cases, zoo laboratories. Learn about conservation efforts for Burmese Star Tortoises as well as wildcats in Scotland that rely on lab work.

Building Conservation Leadership

Grades 6-8

Conservation needs professionals who have the skills necessary to solve really complex issues. This Field Sight story will help build your students' conservation identities and leadership skills.

Spatial Analysis in Conservation

Grades 6-8

In order to protect and conserve wildlife and wild places WCS uses many tactics and tools. Learn from our experts, how maps, math, and modeling, help us get a birds eye view of how our planet is changing, and what we can do to protect it.

Identidad Madidi

Grades 6-8

Learn from our Bolivia team about their work, and build on your student’s understanding of science and social studies with standards based worksheets.

Bison Genetics

Grades 9-12

WCS has been working to protect American bison through partnership with the National Park Service to understand the genetic integrity of bison in federal herds. Plus, curriculum tools for the classroom build deeper understanding of important interdisciplinary and cross cutting concepts.

Shark Advocacy

Grades 6-12

The New York Seascape program has been working hard to protect local waters. Learn from our experts how conservation science supports our efforts to advocate for sharks and other marine life. Plus, we show you ways to engage your students with civic advocacy.

Sustainable Cashmere

Grades 6-12

WCS has been working with our team and partners in Mongolia to make cashmere production more sustainable. This project is striving to not only protect the ecosystem, but benefit local communities. Hear from our experts and let us bring this amazing effort into your classroom

Grauer's Gorilla

Grades 6-8

Learn about the work WCS is doing to protect the critically endangered Grauer's Gorilla. Hear directly from WCS staff and use tools created by our educators to bring this valuable information into the classroom.


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