Building Conservation Leadership

Conservation needs professionals who have the skills necessary to solve really complex issues. WCS supports many programs that help build conservation leadership, from summer camp all the way through to advanced degree scholarships. The Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) offers funding, training, and mentoring to leading early- and mid-career conservationists from developing countries through the support of its donors. The Graduate Scholarship Program provides access to advanced degree scholarships to exceptional conservationists. Focusing on building your students' conservation identities and leadership skills, this Field Sight story will fit into your curriculum with standards aligned worksheets.

Connecting Conservation to the Classroom

Hear from a WCS educator on how important conservation leadership can be for students still building their scientific identities.

Standards and Glossary • English | Español

Scientist Identities In Conservation Leadership

In order to have the best conservation work, we need a diversity of people and expertise. Explore profiles of conservation leaders and learn about what inspired them.

Scientist Identities In Conservation Leadership
Lesson Plan • English | Español
Building Identity in Career Leadership Through Persuasive Essay
Lesson Plan • English | Español

Conservation Projects

Anyone inspired by a conservation story should feel empowered to take action. Consider how your identity affects leadership in conservation projects.

Lesson Plan • English | Español

Local Conservation Action Plan

Role models help us believe we can be scientists, but we also need practice to realize that we can do it too.

Lesson Plan • English | Español

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