Identidad Madidi

WCS Presents Field Sight

WCS Bolivia has been working for many years within the Madidi National Park to understand the diversity of life in this unique and varied landscape. Their initiative Identidad Madidi was a large scale expedition to discover just how diverse and important this area really is. The research done in Madidi National park has led to the discovery of new species as well as the understanding that this protected area is one of the most biodiverse regions in the world. Learn from our Bolivia team about their work, and build on your student’s understanding of science and social studies with standards based worksheets.

Connecting Conservation to the Classroom

Hear from our professional development educators about how Identidad Madidi can help students learn about science, art, and social studies.

Standards and Glossary • English | Español

Topographic Modeling of Madidi National Park

Madidi National park is home to many unique animals due to its interesting topographical range. Our researchers studied every habitat found within this wide range.

Lesson Plan • English | Español

Jaguar Camera Trap Identification

Camera traps are a valuable tool for studying elusive wildlife. WCS Bolivia used camera traps to study many of the animals found in Madidi National Park.

Lesson Plan • English | Español

Ancient Icons

Ancient Andean civilizations worshipped animal deities that informed their cultural practices and understanding of the natural world. Hear from our Bolivian colleagues how the native people still have a strong connection to nature.

Lesson Plan • English | Español

Exploring Your Identity

How we connect with nature is an important part of our identity. Hear from WCS experts how these identities can be formed.

Lesson Plan • English | Español

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