Conservation needs a diversity of voices, informed science, and public awareness. In this story, we’re focusing on wolverines and the diversity of people doing an array of projects to meet the end goal of understanding and protecting wolverines - doing field research, collecting data, engineering equipment, collaborating with stakeholders, and harnessing the public’s support through campaigning. Engage students in this process to understand the various perspectives in conservation and the creative ways that WCS works to protect wildlife, culminating in the creation of a social media conservation campaign!

Connecting Conservation to the Classroom

Hear from a WCS educator about how wildlife conservation takes a diversity of people with an array of unique skills and talents to understand and protect wolverines.

Standards and Glossary • English | Español

Designing a Wolverine Live Trap

Engage in the engineering process and design a mini model of a wolverine live trap that could help scientists safely obtain and collar wolverines out in the field.

Lesson Plan • English | Español

Campaign Messages for Different Stakeholders

Explore perspectives of different groups of people and how conservation must start with those voices in order to craft campaign messages that make relevant connections to wolverine conservation.

Lesson Plan • English | Español

Creating a Social Media Campaign for Wolverine Conservation

Develop a social media campaign to tell the story of wolverine conservation by creating a digital short or video.

Lesson Plan • English | Español

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