Elementary | Pre-K - 5th

We offer different types of Elementary School field trips for Pre-K through 5th grade, including in-person Classroom Programs, Guided Tours and self-led Scavenger Hunts. Find the one that fits your needs!

Classroom Programs

Bring your students to the Bronx Zoo and have one of our talented educators lead your class through an hour-long wild experience. Programs are designed to meet appropriate learning standards in a way everyone is sure to enjoy: exploring wildlife, meeting an animal, and engaging in an active learning environment.

Dr. Zoolittle

Classroom Program | Grades PreK-2nd

Animals at the zoo need a lot of attention and care! During this play-based program your students will learn how zoo veterinarians care for our animals by meeting an animal in our classroom and engaging in imaginary play. They will provide check-ups for our plush animals using stethoscopes, thermometers, and measuring tools. Your vets-in-training will also visit an exhibit to put their new skills to the test!

Price: $200/class

Animals & Me

Classroom Program | Grades K-2nd

Humans and animals have a lot in common! During this engaging program, students will build empathy for wildlife by exploring the similarities and differences between themselves and animals. Students will practice scientific observation skills by looking closely at animals in an exhibit and meeting an animal in our classroom to see what similarities and differences they can find in their physical characteristics and behaviors.

Price: $200/class

Studying Animal Behavior

Classroom Program | Grades K-5th

Why and how do scientists study animal behavior? Students will explore the answer to these questions through close observation of animals in an exhibit, data collection on the animals’ behaviors, and meeting an animal up-close in a zoo classroom. The tools and discussion will be scaled to the appropriate level based on the grade of your group.

Price: $200/class

Neighbors with Nature

Classroom Program | Grades 1st-5th

We share space with many animals in their wild habitats. How can we be good neighbors to all of them? While visiting animals in our zoo exhibits, students will learn about the challenges that arise when humans and animals live in the same habitat and brainstorm solutions for a better coexistence. An encounter with a live animal in one of our zoo classrooms gives students the opportunity to further explore ways to help wildlife thrive in their neighborhood.

Price: $200/class

Benefits of Biodiversity

Classroom Program | Grades 3rd-5th

Within the web of life there are a variety of roles that animals and plants can play. Your students will discover the importance of different roles within an ecosystem to both wildlife and humans, through themed activities, exploration of a zoo exhibit, and meeting an animal up-close in our zoo classroom. Together, they will find ways to share what they’ve learned with their friends and families.

Price: $200/class

Endangered Wildlife

Classroom Program | Grades 3rd-5th

There are thousands of endangered species in the world. During this program, students will develop an understanding of how human decisions impact animals and how kids just like them can take action to help wildlife by exploring zoo exhibits, engaging in interactive activities, and meeting an animal in our zoo classroom that is faced with threats in the wild.

Price: $200/class

Build Your Own Programs

From adaptations and ecosystem dynamics to exhibit design and nature art, one of our experienced educators will customize a program for your class. Build Your Own Field Trips must be booked at least one month prior to the requested date and require pre-approval of the desired topics.

Build Your Own Classroom Program

Classroom Program |Grades K - 5th

Build an hour-long in-person program that meets your class's needs. All programs will include an animal encounter in a zoo classroom, a visit to a zoo exhibit, and content that corresponds to your curriculum.

Price: $300/class

Build Your Own Virtual Program

Classroom Program |Grades K - 5th

Experience a 45-minute customized virtual class designed for your group. All programs will include a virtual animal encounter and content that corresponds to your curriculum.

Price: $300/class

Tours & Scavenger Hunts

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