Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion training has become more common within workplaces and should be included in primers for mentors. The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion module contains activities that encourage mentors to reflect on individual history, power dynamics, their own implicit biases, and the meaning of equity. If your mentoring program seeks to reach youth who are historically underrepresented in a certain field, the activities in this module will be especially important for you to include.

Name Introduction Activity
Mentors will learn the origins of their peers' names.

Power Dynamics
Mentors will explore various power dynamics and be able to recognize them in action.

Implicit Bias
Mentors will understand implicit bias and how it’s created. They will also begin to develop the ability to recognize and mitigate its influence on their decision making.

Equality vs Equity
Mentors will explore the difference between equality and equity including their historical and societal roots. They will then situate these concepts within the framework of their program and how they might impact their mentees.

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