How to Have a Spectacular Spring Break at the Bronx Zoo

If you’ve ever visited the Bronx Zoo before, you know that it’s a big place! The zoo encompasses 265 acres of hardwood forest, to be exact. It offers a whole world of experiences and the chance to visit faraway places without leaving New York City. We’ll help you hit some of the highlights during your spring break visit**.

Congo Gorilla Forest

The 6.5 acre Congo Gorilla Forest* is one of the Bronx Zoo’s true jewels. Gorillas are among our closest relatives. From cautious to playful to nurturing, each has a unique personality. It's always a thrill to see them interact.

Insider tip: The outdoor areas of Congo Gorilla Forest are closed during colder weather, but you can still see animals in the indoor areas. If it happens to be cold and/or rainy on the day of your visit, our Rainy Day Guide might save the day.


The jungles of Asia are home to amazing biodiversity - and JungleWorld* reflects that truth by bringing you face to face with creatures ranging from ebony langurs to majestic leopards. You’ll also spot tree kangaroos, tapirs, white-cheeked gibbons, Indian gharials, Asian small clawed otters, and many other species.

Insider Tip: Our tree kangaroo mom gave birth to a joey in 2022; you might see them spending time together during your visit; watch for them in the first exhibit opposite the otters.

Children's Zoo

The Children’s Zoo* offers wildlife fun for kids of all ages. Visit the farmyard to meet, greet, and pet goats, sheep, alpacas, and donkeys.

Insider Tip: For more activities for kids, don’t miss Nature Trek*, where children can navigate through tunnels, across bridges, over balance beams and weave through obstacles for a fresh perspective on nature. It’s the perfect place for kids to stretch their brain and body.

Tiger Mountain

Tiger Mountain is full of things for our big cats—and visitors—to explore. Get nose-to-nose with our stars in stripes and discover how we protect tigers through our work here at the zoo and in the wild.

Insider tip: Our tigers use different ways to communicate. They can rub cheeks and make noises called “chuffles.” They can growl. If the moment calls for it, they can wow us with a roar.

Bug Carousel

On the Bug Carousel*, you’ll climb aboard a long-legged praying mantis, a bright green grasshopper, or their favorite insect of choice for a very unique carousel ride.

Insider Tip: The Bug Carousel is the first and ONLY carousel featuring an all-insect lineup. Choose from 64 different types of insects that you can mount — including fireflies, beetles, grasshoppers, and ladybugs. There are also two stationary chariots: a monarch butterfly (wheelchair accessible) and a dung beetle.

Treetop Adventure

Get an adrenaline rush (twice) as you strap yourself into the only zipline across the Bronx River (and back) at our fully outdoor aerial ropes course, opening April 1. On our 400-foot-long zipline, you’ll enjoy an incredible bird's eye view of the river and hardwood forest. Members receive discounts on tickets.

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Insider Tip: Select “Zip & Zoo” to combine Treetop Adventure with a zoo visit.

Whether you’re interested in family-friendly things to do, date ideas, or just a relaxing escape into fresh air and natural surroundings, this guide will help you make the most of your day as you wander down tree-lined paths and visit amazing animals in world-class exhibits.

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**Some exhibits and attractions are seasonal. Availability is also subject to unforeseen conditions including weather, mechanical, safety, capacity, crowding and/or animal-related considerations.

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