Virtual Wild Encounters

We’re putting the ZOO in ZOOm with the meetings you’ve been waiting for! Come face to face with our amazing animals and the keepers who care for them.

Many of our Virtual Wild Encounters feature animals who have appeared on Animal Planet’s THE ZOO - so if you fell in love with a certain warthog (and who hasn’t), now is your chance to get to know him a little better!

Availability is limited – so be sure to reserve your exclusive Bronx Zoo Virtual Encounter right away.

Virtual Encounter: Cheetah


Meet the world’s fastest land animal and some special friends, and hear from keepers about caring for these incredible big cats.

Virtual Encounter: Warthog


Meet Peaches, everybody’s favorite warthog, famous for his appearance on Animal Planet’s THE ZOO.

Virtual Encounter: Sloth


Slow down, relax, and hang out with your favorite arboreal Neotropical xenathran mammal. Learn how keepers keep pace with life in the sloth lane.

Virtual Encounter: Penguin


Waddle right this way to meet some amazing flightless birds and learn secrets from professional penguin experts.

Virtual Connection: Anteater


We saw the incredible anteater in action on Season 4 of Animal Planet’s THE ZOO. Here’s a chance to learn more about these iconic animals and meet the keepers who care for them.

Virtual Encounter: Porcupine


A unique chance to meet an unforgettable mammal. You are 100% guaranteed to learn all about porcupines and 100% guaranteed NOT to be stuck by quills while doing it.

Virtual Encounter: Camel


One hump or two? These pachyderms are a Bronx Zoo icon, now featured in Wild Encounters for the first time.

Virtual Encounter: Feathers & Scales


Come up close and face-to-face with birds and reptiles in a multi-species Virtual Wild Encounter.

Virtual Encounter: Alpaca


Meet a Children’s Zoo favorite! Visit these South American animals, and some of the keepers who have formed special relationships with them.

Virtual Encounter: Butterfly


Learn about the life cycle of these beautiful insects and experience the joy of a butterfly release, as adults are let loose in the greenhouse.

  • Zoom call will run approximately 15 minutes. (start time is listed in Eastern Standard Time)
  • Volume up, and let’s chat! We welcome your questions and look forward to making this an interactive experience.
  • Make it a family affair. You are welcome to share your reservation with up to 2 additional friend logins (no more than 3 total logins for the session).
  • Animal experiences can be unpredictable.
  • All reservations are final. Due to limited availability, no refunds or rescheduling.

In-person Wild Encounter experiences are also available at the Bronx Zoo. Learn more.

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