Digital Resources

WCS Education brings our parks and our educational programming to you online. We have great resources available for teachers, students, families, and anyone looking to engage in exciting and enriching virtual science learning!


As we cannot be at the Zoo and Aquarium yet, our Discovery Guide youth volunteers are creating a virtual adventure for us all summer long. Check back here every two weeks until the end of the summer to find new & fun family-friendly activities you can do in your own home.

Building Representation in Conservation

This is a full day digital event showcasing how WCS Education has incorporated diversity, equity and inclusion into our programming. There will be career talks, targeted breakout sessions for teachers, caretakers, and informal educators, as well as a panel discussion.

WCS Conservation Heroes

Conservation takes a lot of work and we need the expertise of all kinds of people. In order to be successful in our mission, we have staff working in disciplines ranging from art to veterinary medicine. Learn how WCS staff put their passion into practice!

WCS presents Field Sight

WCS presents Field Sight pairs the insight of our educators with the expertise of WCS field staff to bring you the stories of the conservation work we are doing all over the world. Hear what it’s like to work on the ground protecting wildlife straight from the source, and bring this valuable information into your classroom with curated curriculum tools.

Stay at Home Science

Engaging science activities that you can do anywhere. Teachers, you can use this in your remote learning with students. Parents, you can use these activities with your own kids at home.

Watch at Home Science

Watch along as our educators guide you through a quick fun activity at home! Enjoy these Instagram Live videos from @WCSEducation.

"The Zoo" Teacher Guides

Resources on how to utilize Animal Planet's The ZOO in your remote learning


Our webinar series is inspired by global conservation challenges that WCS is working to solve. Each webinar features a discussion with a WCS scientist followed by a presentation by an educator from one of our facilities.

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