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Season 3, Episode 8

Meet the Sambar

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As you saw on THE ZOO, the sambar fawn’s health was of concern to Bronx Zoo staff. Good news for viewers, after intensive treatment she grew strong and is now a thriving member of the mixed species herd at Wild Asia’s Uplands exhibit. What better reason to plan your next ride on the Wild Asia Monorail? To help you impress your friends when you get here we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite facts about these deer. Feel free to pull them out during casual conversation, we promise to keep it a secret.

  1. Sambar deer shed their antlers every year.
  2. Sambar are one of the largest members of the deer family. In fact, adult males can weigh more than 500 pounds.
  3. You might not guess it, but these deer are excellent swimmers.
  4. Sambar use their excellent sense of hearing and smell to detect predators in the wild.

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